On Saturday morning I sat with my coffee watching the crown wondering what on earth I was going to wear that night for a birthday bash in Durham and said that same old line we all say to ourselves…. “I’ve got nothing to wear”.


In my head I knew exactly what I wanted to wear (see below) but unfortunately it was hanging in a Karen Millen store and not my wardrobe.

Spends are tight after Thailand and with Christmas just a few weeks away I knew I had to make do with what I already have.


Velvet high waisted trousers, £140  /  Ivory tuxedo Blazer, £199  /  Red velvet brompton clutch, £99  /  Red velvet open toe court, £130  / ALL KAREN MILLEN


I haven’t been on the ball with my blogging since being in Thailand so I don’t have lots of new products to feature this month other than a lovely green dress but I wanted to be warm and able to wear tights as my legs are covered in mosquito bite scars. So I gave it away in a competition to a lovely Follower.

As all of you will know who LOVE Fashion like me, we are always looking at the next outfit we want, the newest trends and items we saw on Insta or in a magazine.

Sometimes we completely forget about what we already have.

I know it sounds like such a simple thing to do but I put my Music on and did exactly what I’d do with a client. I went through my entire wardrobe looking at what I have and was amazed at what I discovered.

I went from having nothing to wear to being spoilt for choice within an hour.

I couldn’t believe how many things I forgot I had. AND I made so many new outfits with exactly the same wardrobe.

Now I know what you’re all thinking……. You’re a Style Blogger Helenlee, of course you have lots to wear.

Ok, you may have a point BUT my wardrobe isn’t as big as you think AND it’s a state of mind for us all. I know so many other women with much bigger wardrobes who constantly say……………

“I have nothing to wear”.






SO, I decided I would do a 12 days of Christmas series sharing exactly what I discovered in my own Wardrobe and share a TIP per day on how YOU can make the most out of the party wardrobe you already have.

The less you have to buy to make more new outfits the better.

I have lots of simple tricks for you all to update old items without having to buy new outfits for every party.

And if you do want to buy anything similar to what I feature I will be providing all the exact items or alternatives.

Lets get started……


On the 1st first day of Christmas my Fashion tip to you is…………..



Set aside just 1 HOUR all by yourself with your favourite going out girly music on and get submersed into your Wardrobe. Have a good look at EVERYTHING you have, you may be pleasantly surprised.

I want you to pull out all of your Christmas classics, fave items, handbags, earrings THE LOT and try create at least ONE new outfit.

Christmas is a pretty predictable time of year for Fashion so pull out all the cliches such as black lace, LBD’s, velvet, leather leggings, blazers, sequins, tights and your favourite red lippy.

I’d love to know how you get on if you do follow this first tip, let me know via comments below or my social media channels.

Thanks for reading lovelies.

H xxx

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