No body shape is the same. However, everyone woman fits into a body shape category.


This category can alter over time due to putting on or losing weight, building muscle and size in the shoulders from athletic training.

But your bone structure is what it is.

And all body shapes come in different sizes.

A MASSIVE mistake from women conscious of their size is “covering up”, we want to hide ourselves or what we call our flabby bits and wear baggy clothes.

For many shapes this only makes you look bigger.

So let’s get started and look at all of the body shapes and how to figure out which one you are.

Body confidence will be yours…….



Ok girls, it’s time to asses.

Now there are 2 ways I like to asses body shape.

  1. In the Mirror: Wearing black leggings and black top (preferably long sleeved) stand in the mirror with your feet open slightly, stand up straight and asses where your smallest and largest points are. For example, are your shoulders, your waist or your hips your smallest point? Put your hands on your waist, stand straight and try to get an idea.
  2. With measuring tape: Using tape and the help of a friend or partner, measure around the tip of your shoulders, under your bra line and across your hips (top of bum).

What are we looking for?

We are looking in the mirror and at your measurements for your narrowest point.

For example, my shoulders and hips almost measure the same and my waist measurement under the bra line is significantly smaller by 7 inches.

Therefore because my waist is my smallest point I am an hourglass.

Using your results I can help you figure out which body shape category you fit within.

Let’s look at all of the body shapes below and figure out which one is YOU….



There are so many different types of hourglass bodies out there but regardless of size, height, weight, boobs and bum you could be an hourglass.

Hourglass is one of the most common body shapes among women, however many women don’t realise they’re an hourglass because they think they need to look like Kim Kardashian to be one.

And you don’t, here are the characteristics of an hourglass body shape:

  • Your waist is your smallest point
  • Your shoulders and hips are similar in width

Now there are also 2 different types of hourglass body shapes……..

The Neat Hourglass and Full Hourglass.

The best way to describe the difference between the two is simply, one has ‘fuller’ curves and the other has ‘neater’ curves.


As you can see from the picture above, Holly Willoughby is a fuller figured Hourglass. Her curves are more obvious than Emma’s curves on the right. A neat hourglass is slightly less obviously curvacious however, still an hourglass shape.

A lot of full hourglass women mistaken themselves for a pear shape if they feel they have larger hips and thighs or if they put weight on.

Characteristics of Neat Hourglass:

  • Wear the same size top and bottom
  • Smaller defined waist
  • Curved bottom and defined bust
  • Feel and look a size bigger in baggy clothes
  • Feel comfortable in items that belt or nip in at the waist

Characteristics of a Full Hourglass:

  • “Some” have a slightly larger top for bust
  • Waistbands are too large
  • Straight skirts rise up
  • Feel comfortable in fluid fabrics

If you are an hourglass you feel great in outfits like this…..


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The Pear shape gets a bad rep and many see it as not being a very enviable shape to have but it SO is.

The Pear shape is another beautiful curvy shape that looks super feminine and sexy when dressed correct.

The Pear/Triangle mimics the shape on the name, the narrowest point at the top of the triangle is the upper body and widest at the bottom being the hips.

Therefore dressing the Triangle is all about evening out proportions, avoiding adding volume to the lower part of the body, using patterns, material and shape to even out the shape with the upper body.

Characteristics of the Pear/Triangle shape:

  • Wear a larger size on the bottom than your top
  • Have a clearly defined waist
  • Narrower shoulders than hips (largest measurement hips)
  • Carry weight on your hips and or thighs

Many women mistake themselves for a pear shape who are an hourglass.

This is due to the fact that we focus on one area of our bodies we are self conscious of or dislike. Many Women I have styled have been conscious of having wide hips and large thighs, assuming they are Pear shape because this is their largest point.

However when we nipped in that waist and assessed proportions they are very much hourglass and in proportion.

If you’re a Triangle you’ll feel great in outfits like this…..


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Lucky you, you have great shoulders. The inverted triangle is exactly that, your widest point is your shoulders and narrowest your hips.

Dressing your shape is all about balancing the upper and lower proportions of your body by highlighting your hips and bum, focusing all the attention below your waist.

A lot of athletic women are or become an inverted triangle due to building muscle and shape in the upper back and shoulders, especially Crossfit Athletes. But have an amazing lean body to go with, legs, bum and flat stomach to die for.

Characteristics of an Inverted Triangle:

  • Largest measurement/point is shoulders
  • Straight and squared shoulder line
  • Little definition between waist/hips
  • Bottom half seems smaller than top half
  • Can have flat hips and bum (unless athletic, can have developed bum)

Above is some seriously enviable Inverted triangle shaped celebrities. Notice in picture 1 and 2 how Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore have lots of ruffle and details below their hips? This draws the eye down away from upper body but also gives them an appearance of an hourglass shape with waist definition.

Renee Zellweger’s shoulders are a little more noticeably bigger, however she looks amazing and the details of the dress give her a great appearance of a nipped in waist.

If you are an inverted triangle you will feel great in outfits like this……


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If you’re rectangle you have an amazing straight shape with flatter hips and bottom. Some of you will have a fuller bust, which gives you a softer edge.

The main aim of dressing your shape is softening those straight lines to create the appearance of curves.

Characteristics of the Rectangle are:

  • Measurements across shoulders, hips and waist will be very similar in size
  • Straight shoulder line
  • Straight hips and bum
  • Very little waist definition
  • Straight ribcage

Here are some examples of Rectangle shaped celebrities….


The outfits on the celeb’s above are great examples of dressing and softening your shape. The lines and blazer in Sandra bullock’s outfit create shape and waist definition.

If you’re a Rectangle shape you will feel great in outfits like this…….


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Proportionally you have a lovely flat bottom and hips, you will also have killer legs. Lucky you. The only area you’ll be conscious of is your middle area.

If you put on weight you’ll find it goes more to your central torso/tummy.

When it comes to dressing your shape, using accessories to draw the eye to the area above your bust and below your hips is important. The aim is to give the illusion of a slightly longer body.

One thing I MUST stress ladies, do not mistake yourself for an apple shape because you are self conscious of your tummy. I dare say majority of women I meet and style are conscious of their tummy and making it appear flatter, including myself. BUT unless you tick all of these boxes below you are not an apple.

Characteristics of the Round/Apple shape……

  • Largest measurement can be your middle
  • Rounded or sloping shoulder line
  • Curved back
  • Fullness around the middle
  • Flattish bum curving down to the hips and balancing with the shoulders to create an oval

Here are a few examples of Apple shaped celebrities…..


The celebrities above are great examples of different shapes and sizes of Apple shapes. Many assume that all Apple shapes are plus size ladies when this isn’t the case. I love Queen Latifa’s dress which has lots of detail up top with an empire line dress flattering her shape beautifully.

If you’re a Round/Apple shape you will feel great in outfits like this…..


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