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BRING YOU STYLE NOT FASHION….. I believe being stylish trumps fashionable any day. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, you don’t have to wear what is the latest fashion and it doesn’t always need an expensive designer logo. True style is finding what suits you to your taste, personality, colour and shape.


HELP YOU FIND YOUR STYLE CODE…. Your personal style code is identifying your body shape, your colour palette and dressing it to accentuate all of your best bits within your style and taste. Something in Fashion or on trend may catch your eye but if it doesn’t do anything for you it’s not worth investing in and you point black won’t feel right. When you know and understand your style code, shopping, dressing and styling your wardrobe becomes a dream. You also save money because you don’t panic buy new outfits every time you go out or have an occasion due to the fact that you have no idea what to wear because none of your wardrobe “fits together”.


LOVE YOURSELF MORE…. All of the above links back to this and one word, confidence! When you look and feel your best you carry yourself in a whole new way. Clothes can transform how you feel, your body language and how you carry yourself. When you wear clothes that accentuate your figure, make your skin and eyes glow, you receive so many compliments and feel so much more comfortable in your own skin. Understanding your body shape and colour then accepting it is the first step to finding your style. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way and once you discover this you will radiate confidence in yourself and how you dress.


CREATE YOUR OWN CLASSIC….. When you build a wardrobe and style that all works together because it suits your body shape and all of your best colours it will never go out of Fashion. You didn’t buy it because it was on trend, you bought it because it was an investment that will always work for you. This means you create your own classic style because it will always look good on you. I want to help you find those classic pieces and styles.


FADE OUT FAST FASHION…. Today the fast fashion Industry is one of the biggest in the world that is not only potentially damaging our home planet in the long term but also exposes low cost workers overseas due to the high demand on fast production at a low cost. Thanks to companies such as ZARA and H&M we are buying more clothes than we ever have and throwing them away just as fast. Cat walk trends hit the stores weekly creating a demand to stay on trends constantly changing.

I believe if we invest more and less often in the right items we can all do our bit to minimise this. Having a wardrobe of 30 pieces that will last years, work together and looks best on you is far better than a wardrobe of 300 items that don’t go together, are out of fashion within a month and are so cheap they last a few washes.

Throughout my blog and site I introduce you to some niched brands as well as main stream that are my favourites for wardrobe investments and shopping within your style code.

Now don’t get me wrong I am very much partial to the odd ZARA or H&M item, however this is not very often and I will only purchase something from these stores that is within my “Style code”. Meaning I bought it because I think it reflects my style and I will use it with a lot of my current wardrobe OR because it matches my shape and colour. Sometimes you can find an “investment” piece in a cheaper store too if it ticks your style code.

A trend led item can update your current “Classic” wardrobe to keep things current rather than buying bags of more for your money clothes and entire new outfits every single week.


QUALITY NOT QUANTITY….. All of the above will save you money in the long run, help our planet and make you feel amazing. You will notice from my site that I feature a lot of mid range brands offering good quality tailored fashion at a reasonable or mid range cost. Some brands are higher end due to quality and investment. Using brands and items like this will help you buy less and less often BUT when you do spend it is an investment well worth it and a well thought out buying decision. A long lasting capsule wardrobe with a few bargains thrown in now and again is the perfect combination in my opinion.