Your Style Code is a very simple formula that almost sounds too simple BUT when applied, it does serious Style wonders….

I ALWAYS use my personal style code when dressing for anything (other than maybe my PJ’s). Honestly, even for the gym and my bikini…..EVERYTHING!

And whenever I go against my Style Code I just don’t “feel right” and end up running back in the wardrobe last minute to change.

You will notice the compliments flying in when you dress to suit your style code, any outfit using this is going to look good on you and radiate the best version of you.


So what is the Style Code?

Body Shape  + Colour Palette + Style Personality = YOUR Style Code

hourglass bodyshape +  clear colour palette.PNG +  victoria beckham.PNG  =  


It is simply dressing and shopping for items that are correct for your body shape, in colours that enhance you and match your style personality.

For example, I am a Neat Hourglass body shape, Clear colour palette and my Style personality/taste is very much Classy City Chic.

Therefore I always wear outfits that flatter my curves, conceal my worst bits and enhance my best bits. This way of dressing can seriously drop a dress size from you. I NEVER wear baggy clothes that don’t nip in my waist which is my smallest point.

My outfits are always in bold colours, Rich colours or monochrome. You will never see me in peach, cream or light grey as they completely drain me. I would only ever accessorise with colours that didn’t suit me.

And lastly, my style is very much classic and tailored. I also LOVE the 60’s hence my obsession with shift dresses. This is also why I love Karen Millen as it completely fits my style code.

Now it’s your turn!

Let’s figure out your Style Code…….


Your Body Shape


According to studies, 9 out of 10 Women can’t identify their correct body shape and on top of this a quarter of these women didn’t believe their body shape fit into any body shape categories of Hourglass, Pear, Rectangle, Inverted triangle and apple.

Only when you know, accept and understand your body shape can you dress to enhance it.

Many Women will shop for a body shape they lust over even if it isn’t theirs, or spend hours and fortunes on the wrong items that need adjusting and taken in to feel right.


When you find items correct for your body shape, believe me when I say it will just fit and work. No altering necessary, unless it is height of course.

Fitting in the right dress will knock a size off you and put a huge smile on your face.

Let me help you figure out YOUR Body Shape, CLICK HERE to find out.






Your Colour Palette

Your colour palette is assessed from your Hair, Skin and eye tones/colours.


Knowing the correct depth, tone and colours to wear from assessing the above will literally revolutionise how you shop and dress.

The right and wrong colour can either make you stand out radiant or sallow, fading into the background behind your outfit.


See how Natalie looks radiant in the first pic and yellow in the second?

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought you didn’t look right or stand out?Does your eye colour stand out in pictures? Does your Makeup look weird? This could all be due to the fact that you’re not wearing the right colours for you.

When you wear the correct colours you always look right or well. Your hair colour, eye and skin tone just work.

Your colour palette can alter over time if you dye your hair.

Let me help you figure out your perfect colour Palette, CLICK HERE to find out.


Your Style Personality

The colour and shape play an important role in your style but your personality pulls it all together and ultimately decide’s where and what you buy.

Your style personality is the look, feel and vibe you like to portray in your outfits.

It’s a way of expressing yourself, your personality and your particular love for style.

This can be described using certain words, era’s or celebrities etc.

This can also change over time due to age, lifestyle and budget.

For example you could have a 50’s Vintage style taste, be bright and bold like your personality, laid back casual, Boho chick, Classy, soft and feminine…..


Using celebrities at first can really help too, I LOVE Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton. Both very classic, Victoria’s tailored style and Kate’s elegance are a winning combo for me.

Although, if you’re reading this page then you no doubt love classy fashion as that is the style of my blog BUT you will no doubt have your own style personality.


Take the guess work away and work with me personally to discover your Style Code in person OR via on-line. Click HERE for further info.