On Tuesday 7th November I had the honour of being invited to spend an evening with Karen Millen and a small group of Fashion influencers to preview the SS18 Collection in a private, Covent garden penthouse.

It was OMG….

I won’t lie, I felt like a little fish in a big pond but hey I’m ok with that. I don’t mind swimming with the sharks, it’s good for you. Being the only Blogger from outside of London, I felt very grateful and honoured to be there.

Now let me set the scene, take you back there with me and reveal the most beautiful collection……

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I arrived in London after sitting on a coach for 7 hours, did my makeup an hour before getting off the bus, changed into my outfit in a changing room of a Reiss store.

I didn’t feel my bestest but hey ho, I was glam enough and wearing a big smile for an amazing evening and opportunity ahead. Luckily they hid my Nike backpack in the cloak room for me.

Shout out to my friend Jo who lives in London for treating me to Bangers n Mash for tea, tying my pussy bow shirt, walking me to the venue and taking a snap of my outfit before heading in, she’s the best and a lifesaver.

So here we are at the Colyer London in Covent Garden. Let me take you inside….

I enter a chic London Penthouse Apartment that had literally been transformed into a Karen Millen store. Opulent 1970’s inspired decor, plants, flowers and lamps setting the scene.

Colour co-ord clothes rails, accessories and shoes displayed on furniture with striking Karen Millen canvas leaning on the walls.

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Greeted by the loveliest ladies from the KM and PR Team, a glass of Champagne put straight in my hand which was constantly flowing as well as canapes from a team of waiters.

This will do for me……

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After perusing the apartment, collection and chatting to lots of lovey Bloggers (my Geordie accent was popular), it was time to get down to the Fashion.

This sofa though? We were all slightly obsessed.






The Creative Designer for the collection gave us a very insightful talk into her vision for the collection and the brands aim.

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I was so happy with what I heard, all you KM fans will be excited to know the brand is getting back to it’s roots of being an occasion brand, focusing on tailoring again (hallelujah) and giving work wear a relaxed yet polished focus for the modern on the go woman.

Love it.



Let’s take a look…….



POPS OF PINK are here to stay for Summer, YES!

I’m pretty happy about this. It is a lovely hot pink shade, slightly less purple than the Fuchsia we are seeing this Winter. It is paired with black and white monochrome colours and patterns such as dots.

I’m loving this Pink tailored suit and patent biker jacket for statement pops of colour.


As I mentioned, the brand has put a lot more attention into tailoring this season as it had been slightly neglected.

It does not disappoint people, WOW! Tailoring is 100% my thing and one of the many reasons I LOVE this brand.

We are seeing tailoring in lots of colourful and pinstripe suits, dresses (even a leather one) and a wider shirt/blouse collection in lots of stripes.

Relaxed tailored pieces paired with fluid blouses and light knitwear to make work wear on the go effortless.

For me the winner is this 4 piece, white Ivory suit. So chic, relaxed polished perfection for summer in a hue that suits so many. This will be very versatile in your summer wardrobe together and as individual pieces.  Occasion or work, it will go far.

It includes Trouser, skirt, blazer and long double breasted blazer which could easily be doubled up as a blazer dress.

It’s all about the BIKER and TRENCH………

Seriously, there were so many AMAZING transitional coats dotted around the room.

The Biker was definitely the centre of attention for coat/jackets. In over 5 different colours such as pink, blue, beige, yellow and black. Soft leather with padded stripe details to the shoulders, a vinyl patent leather and suede addition to the collection too.

This is an ITEM right at the top of my list for SS18. The Biker jackets from KM are a wardrobe staple that will last for years, providing you chose the right shape and colour to work with your wardrobe.

The biggest on trend led purchase will be the patent pink leather biker.

For a more polished, work wear cover up the trench is totally killing it……

I am loving the beige patent, light leopard print, check and yellow trench coats from the collection. My personal pick will be the check (obvz).

If you follow my blog you’ll know I’m a huge trench coat fan, its the perfect classic cover up for those transitional seasons that never goes out of Fashion.

A waist clinching coat is always a good idea.

We are CHECKMATE until summer….

Check is still having it’s moment next year, this classic heritage print is making friends with another huge colour for summer, mellow mustard.

I am loving this tailored coat and skirt with a thin mustard stripe throughout the print.  Black, white and mustard with added leather textures are on point.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Mellow YELLOW is having yet another moment……

I think this Mustard trench coat is going to be VERY popular!

A soft mustard yellow is paired with lots of Blue, black and white across the collection. We will see statement mustard pieces such as a trench coat and biker jacket, mustard hid in checks and paisley floral prints, as well as Mustard embroidered florals across pieces such as a polka dot dress, black wedge shoes and a matching over the shoulder bag…..

DRESSES are taking centre stage….

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

AND so they should. KM at it’s core is and started as an occasion wear brand. Having that KM dress has always been the most lusted upon purchase.

It was so great to see dresses steel the show in SO many forms.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Body con is and always has been a KM staple, however not all women feel confident or comfortable in a skin tight fitted dress. Acknowledging this, there are now lots of fluid fabrics appearing and versatile shapes. Especially in bold colours, prints and dots.

BIG NEWS…The occasion wear won’t stop in January, we’ll see the glitz and glamour continue after Christmas with sequins, sheen, embroidery, crochet and the most beautiful colour clashing prints.

This is the first time KM is continuing occasion wear from January, this is usually a transitional collection with more focus on casual and work wear after the Christmas party season.

P.S. If you are after a body con number, check out this red number below….OMG it is on my hit list for sure.


The soft HUE’S for Summer are………

Yes there is going to be LOTS of colour, bold and bright. However, there are still soft and classy hue’s for those who prefer a understated neutral palette.

You will see soft blue being a huge hue with black/white stripes/prints and mustard for your daytime Spring/Summer staples. The blue suede skirt and jacket above is no doubt going to be a sell out.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Simple and classic neutral beige tones with black/white and grey for casual and work wear. This leopard print and patent trench as mentioned earlier are beautiful pieces for Spring cover ups.

Light denim, soft khaki and cool beige take you into summer days for the ultimate casual chic style that is cool and comfortable.


Leopard print is what first springs to mind when I think back to the collection and browse my pics. Sooooo many fabulous accessories and shoes in this timeless print. This is usually most popular around Winter time but I’m happy to see it continuing all year round.

I LOVEEE the pointed flats, tote and trainers above.

There is even a leopard phone case addition to the collection along with black and red.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Pointed shoes, slip ons and flats with stud and pearl details are going to be shamazing for making your everyday footwear on point and comfortable. Great wardrobe updates for when those winter booties get packed away.

OOH LOOK it’s my summer hat, pleased to see it is being re-released for 2018.

I am loving this Pink everyday leather bag and this simple black bowling bag.

A new take on the classic court will be these edgey beauties in a bold orange red and gold sheen within the occasion wear.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My personal favourite clutch and shoe from the Occasion wear is this Emerald green addition that comes in Ivory, Pink and Black.

And that’s it! What do you think lovelies? I love it. It was far easier to appreciate in person of course and in such a beautiful environment. However, I do hope I have gave you a good enough feel and peak into the collection?

Before heading home we finished the night by trying on a few items in the closet room from the Christmas collection and chose a free item from 6. I chose a beautiful Red Velvet clutch.

Thanks for reading.

I’d love your feedback on the collection and what your favourite pieces are?

H xxx

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