I love Fashion, being a stylist and blogging which involves a lot of shopping with other people, for brands and myself.

Shopping is a really fun and positive experience, it’s time for you, makes people feel special and is such a treat.

As a personal shopper and Blogger I feel a duty of care to create awareness and encourage shopping in a positive, ethical and healthy manor.

Today is #worldmentalhealthday and never a more appropriate time to talk about the signs of when shopping crosses a line to becoming unhealthy spending and how to spot it.

I am by no means qualified to give mental health advice or an expert, I have experienced the difference between unhealthy and healthy shopping for myself.

And have noticed a trend rising in unhealthy spending behaviours.

The clothes you wear should make you feel good because you look good.

But when the buying transaction make’s you feel better than actually wearing the clothes, it could say more about your mental health than you think……

world mental health day



I love to encourage women to dress and shop for wardrobe items that bring out the very best of themselves as well as inspire with style and outfit ideas….

Personal shopping or any shopping for that matter is going out searching for items or outfits with 100% purpose. Building capsule wardrobe’s and so on.

Shopping is not however about encouraging people to aimlessly spend money for the sake of it.

Shopping like many others things such as food, exercise or alcohol etc can be miss used, abused or “binged” on to fill an empty hole of someone unfulfilled and suffering with mental health issues.

For many it can become addictive, comforting or a coping mechanism.


over spending




So when does shopping become “Unhealthy shopping”?

When buying and spending money is for no purpose other than you want or need to in order to make yourself feel better.


How do I know this? 

Because once upon time that was me.

Being someone who has always loved Fashion, makeup and all those girly things. Unhealthy shopping habits mixed with Anxiety was an unhealthy combo.

Shopping was my coping mechanism.

Only when I overcome my mental health issue’s with counselling did it become not only my new career but a positive outlet in my life.

No longer feeling attached to “material” things completely changes how you shop.

Having experienced this for myself I am very passionate about encouraging healthy spending and shopping only with purpose. Knowing the signs of unhealthy spending makes my job as a stylist easier and ethical.

The thing I enjoy most about shopping now is the look on people’s faces when I see how good they feel in their outfit.



What are the signs you could be unhealthy shopping?:

  • Feel intense forms of attachment to material things: You know you can’t afford what you just bought but can’t bring yourself to return as it makes you feel good or happy.


  • Go through phases of impulsive buying and overspending: Most likely when you’re feeling down, anxious or unhappy.


  • Fill your basket without buying: Spend your spare time internet shopping and filling your basket even if there is no way you can buy it or afford it.


  • Experience periods of obsessing over your ‘next buy’: Constantly thinking about and obsessing over a particular item you are going to buy. Most likely feel like you won’t be satisfied or happy until you have it.


  • Buy the same thing over and over: Is there something in particular you have an obsession with buying? Do you have over 100 pairs of shoes or bags? Do you have 10-20 different lipsticks that are all the same colour? Constantly buying something you love but don’t NEED because it makes you feel good.


  • Keep yourself in the guilt circle: You over buy or spend then make yourself feel guilty and anxious about it. Then do it all again constantly keeping yourself in a distracted state of guilt and worry.


  • Aimlessly buy: Whatever pops up on your insta feed or is on trend, you don’t need it and probably won’t even suit you. But you HAVE to have it just ‘because’.



Now if one or more of the above is you, don’t panic it doesn’t mean you’re cray cray!

And hey I’m not judging, I’ve been there.

But it may hopefully spark some questions to ask yourself and help you become more aware of your shopping habits or of those closest to you.

If you have never questioned these habits or have always told yourself it is normal, you can not make change.

And you can only change or improve something when you are aware it could even be a problem.




If you’re a bit of a Fashionsita like me, then yes you’re probably always going to invest more in Fashion than others because it is important to you.

Everyone has their “thing”.

But I hope this blog has made you think about your future buying decisions in a more positive way.

OR has made you more aware of Mental health Issue’s and how it can manifest itself in many different ways.

Next time you feel like you NEEEED to buy that thing…… Ask yourself why?


If you are suffering with mental health and want to make a change or seek help, click here: https://www.mind.org.uk/get-involved/world-mental-health-day/

Thanks for reading lovelies, please spread the awareness and share the love.

H xXx













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