I’ve had sooooo many messages and requests lately on-line for style advice or people just sending me pictures of themselves in an outfit asking, does this suit me? Or what shoes would go with this etc?

My friend Amy is one of many amongst those people and I honestly love it. I could sit there all day playing dress up, on or off-line.

As a Stylist I’m receiving more and more of my work via on-line these days for Fashion/outfits/capsule wardrobes.



Anyway, over coffee at the gym (after we’d workout of course) we got chatting about how she was going shopping for a wedding outfit that day and was so stressed about it.

Unfortunately that day I couldn’t join her….. In  person anyway!

Now that I offer my style services on-line, me and my beautiful friend Amy decided to put it to the test that day then blog all about it and share the fun with you all.


All we used was FaceBook messenger……..



I had already prepped Amy earlier with a Style Code session that I would cover as an intro with clients to asses and explain their shape, colour and style personality. I do this via Skype/Facetime or in person.

This meant Amy had an idea of what to look for during her shopping trip.

She snapped items or pictures of herself in items and sent them to me via FB messenger during shopping.


It’s just like being there with them, except I’m probably sat in my office drinking coffee in my PJ’s.

Here’s how it all went down……..



Let’s start with an intro to AMY…..


 Other than being beautiful inside and out, a little crazy and one of the fittest people I know. Here is Amy’s style code:

Her Body shape is “Inverted Triangle” + Dominant colour is “Soft” + Style personality is laid back  “Boho” chic.





It all started with the dress……

She started in Lipsy and they were both a NO. The navy looks amaze on her figure and they both looked nice but didn’t match her style personality. Lipsy can look a little cheap for the price too.



She then moved onto Zara and found a winner in the sale Yay…..



It doesn’t look like an obviously amazing dress on the pics at first but I knew it would all look great once it came together.

We agreed on this dress because it’s a great colour, soft and cool nude pink for her soft colouring. The material is suede which again is a great matte/soft texture rather than anything too bold, metallic or shiny. The look overall is soft.


The neckline is fantastic for Inverted triangles as it breaks up the width of her widest point, her shoulders. The length and shape of this shift style dress with one or two soft ruffle lines along the upper section creates a lovely soft silhouette. An Inverted triangle’s narrowest point is their hips and widest the shoulders, this dress makes everything look and flow in proportion.

Lastly the style of the dress has a laid back boho vibe. It’s not too blingy or over the top, very simple for Amy’s style. Feminine but in an understated way.


And it was a bargain in the ZARA sale!


Now that we had the dress, it was on to the accessories.

I sent Amy searching for a mono tonal nude look.

Getting the colour and texture of the bag right was important…….


 This bag was too warm and the suede on suede clashed a little.

I then searched on-line for products I had in mind to go with the dress and sent Amy to the exact shops to find them.







And voila……





Soft colour palette’s suit jewellery and accessories that look exactly that, soft. Matte finish and textures rather than shiny metallic textures are perfect.

Soft matte golds, muted Metallic’s and pinks work great with this dress.

This clutch is not only perfect for Amy’s dress but her entire wardrobe as a soft. She will get so much use from this.

Every woman should own a capsule metallic clutch.



The earrings not only suit her outfit and colours but also suit her style personality and face shape.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Once Amy had her dress, jewellery and clutch.

It was onto shoes….

Simple nude suede straps would only do.



Amy said she had some at home, so I sent her to try on shoes with her outfit. Dig out your nude straps lass!

They were a little more beige but hey ho she saved some money and it all looked great.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset




Here’s a look at the full nude pink Wedding guest look we created for Amy.


I always create a mood board for my clients as it’s a great way for them to see how the look comes together.


Then comes the hair and makeup……

This essentially brings the entire look and vibe together. I love this bit!

My makeover stylist skills come in to play.

Normally I do Hair & Makeup in person or would send my client inspiration pics and tips/products to achieve the look.

Here are the Pinterest pics I chose for the Inspo…..



Amy’s hair down would soften her shoulders and add a beautiful ombre colour/texture with her dress. This also gives a more laid back luxe look to suit Amy’s personality.

Amy doesn’t wear much makeup so a soft, glowy, natural look would finally bring it all together nicely. Blended smokey eyes without harsh liner, plump lips and dewy cheeks.



Oh yes!



Voilla…… Here is the finished look lovelies. I brought the look to life to share with you all and because the wedding was away it meant she could recreate the look herself.



We also took a few that captured Amy’s personality….

She cray cray!



I think Amy did a great job of creating this look herself on the big day too….


Thanks to Amy for letting me share this (I’m currently searching for trench coats for her as we speak lol). She looks amazing and thoroughly enjoyed being a total girl for our shoot.

If you would like to know more about Digital Personal Shopping and Styling please click HERE for more info on pricing and services.

Thanks for reading mwah xXx


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