Easy, Breezy Workwear


White V-neck Jersey top, £6.99 H&M  /   Emerald short cascade wrap, £39 Kettlewell Colours  /  Black Crepe Wide leg trousers, £99 Winser London  /  Black hobo bag, £24.99 (alternative linked- sold out)  /  Cream leopard print sliders, £25.99 New Look 

I LOVE all of these items individually and together as an outfit. They are all pieces that will be so versatile across your wardrobe and can be worn for workwear to weekend and casual.

What I love even more is that you can all copy this style but make it your own. All of these simple but effective outfit pieces are available in a range of colours that can work with all colour palettes. If you’re unsure of your best suited colours then click HERE to find out before reading on….

I love to give outfit ideas and style inspo but it’s about helping you find your style, wearing what suits you and not just buying what I wear. This is why I love brands that allow you to customise your colours or at least offer a range of options. This is helpful when sharing content with you and for creating capsule wardrobes for my clients colours/shapes.

I chose these colours for myself because black and white are my best and easiest neutrals to mix and match across the base of my wardrobe. As a ‘Clear’ colour palette a pop of Emerald green for obvious reasons is great because I loveee it but it also really suits me and it goes with so many other outfits in my capsule wardrobe too. The monochrome leopard print sliders go perfect to add texture and print but aren’t too brown/warm to match with more of my my bright, bold and cool colour capsule.

The alternative colour options for this outfit are endless, especially with 26 colours available in this cardigan from Kettlewell Colours. You could literally create outfits all day. This genius brand allows you to shop in your colour palette, just click on the colour and it will tell you which seasons can wear it. Simple!

To show you how easy it is to create a simple colour capsule, I have broke down the outfit to explain colour wardrobe options. I have also included similar examples of my Green, Pink and monochrome outfit in a range of capsule’s that create 3 simple outfits.

short cascade site shot

Please know that what ever colours you invest in you can make work with your wardrobe, it’s about what you like and how you pair or dress them. However, if like many of my followers and clients, you too are interested in ease of life and building a minimal capsule wardrobe then you will hopefully find this guide very helpful.


There are far better quality and colour options in this vest out there I’m sure but I am yet to find a simple V-Neck vest in this material that fits or hangs as good. The material and fit is perfect for tucking in with a little material hanging out, not too baggy and not too tight. All of personal shopping clients are obsessed with it. Out of all of my H&M buys this is actually the only one that still looks the same as it did last year ad hallelujah they’ve re-released it.

This flattering vest style is available in 3 colours that all work under this cardigan outfit. If you invest in all 3 V-Neck Jersey tops at only £6.99 and the right investment colour cardigan, trousers, handbag and sliders then you can create 3 simple outfits. You will also have items that will work across the rest of your wardrobe all summer.

V-neck Jersey tops, £6.99 H&M 


I am loving these leopard print sliders, especially the mono print. Sliders are the one flat shoe you MUST invest in this Spring/Summer, they are so on trend. A classic slider like this in the right colour for your wardrobe will go beyond trend for many summers to come. This slider is a great flat open toe that doesn’t look too casual, it will look great with dress pants, jeans, with denim skirts and dresses etc. The texture and print adds a luxe looking punch to the outfit in this post too.


Leopard print sliders, £25.99 New Look 

I advise investing in the brown leopard print if you wear or suit Warm colours such as creams, mustards, orange and warm reds, this is a great option for Autumn/Springs seasons and Warm or Deep palette’s. If you usually wear or buy a lot more brown leather/tan than black then the brown leopard print is a great option too. The mono print slider will contrast with cooler colours and works perfectly with Winter/Summer seasons, if you wear more black, white, greys, Navy or bright and bold colours then this will contrast nice with the rest of your wardrobe.

They are also available in wide fit.

Smart Slider Sandal, £80 Dune

If you prefer a simple slider then I am also loving these beauties from Dune available in 6 colours above.


The wide leg Winser London trousers out of everything in this outfit will be your best investment. A crepe dress trouser that is flattering but loose enough to be cool and breezy are perfect for summer work-wear. They also look great smart casual for shopping or weekend wear.

Black Crepe Wide leg trousers, £99 Winser London 

I love that these trousers have no details at the hips or waist, a seamless pocket either side that you can’t see and an elastic waist band make them a a very simple and flattering style. This is especially good if you prefer not to draw attention to your tummy/hips and like to tuck your tops in like me.

They are available in classic black and Navy, these are 2 colours in a trouser that can work for anyone. It all depends what work with your wardrobe colours most. Black is always the easiest and most versatile investment, even if black isn’t in your palette or doesn’t suit you it will look fine on your bottom half as it is away from your face.

If you want the best colour option for your capsule wardrobe I recommend the Navy for any Soft/Light/Warm colour palettes, navy is softer in appearance than black and not quite as cool or bold. Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons will find Navy an easier neutral than black for their wardrobe.

Black works best for Clear/Cool/Deep colours such as Winters, it can also work on the bottom half for Springs or Deep Autumns.


This cascade cardigan is the perfect cover up for Spring/Summer in either a neutral or pop of colour that suits you best. It is important to get the colour of this item right as it is nearest to your face with the most colour surface area on your top half.

Short cascade wrap, £39 Kettlewell Colours

The 3/4 sleeve is super flattering as it draws the eye to your waistline and the waterfall open front is very softening on your bust/tummy area. I recommend the short cascade above for Hourglass, Pear and Rectangle shapes. The longer cascade version is best for Oval and Inverted Triangle shapes. Hourglass could wear both but I prefer the shorter.

If you invest in a neutral cardigan then opt for a brighter handbag and if you invest in a bright cardigan then opt for a neutral handbag that either matches your trousers or shoes.


The slouch bag is another huge hit this year and is another easy throw on wardrobe item that can be used for relaxed work wear, weekend, casual or smart causal. Once again, as long as you invest in the right colour, you will wear it endlessly.

Either opt for a bag that is a random bright pop such as the emerald or a neutral that matches your wardrobe basics or shoes. The emerald bag below comes with a long shoulder strap and is available in red, yellow, bright pink and blue.

The brown bag works great with the brown leopard print or tan sliders if you are looking to create a warmer colour capsule.

Black buckle hobo bag, £34 Topshop  /  Emerald bucket bag, £30 Accessorize /  Grey buckle hobo bag, £34 Topshop  /  Pink buckle hobo bag, £34 Topshop  /  Large tan slouch bag, £75 Dune  /  Orange hobo bag, £34 Topshop  

Now let’s take a look at how you can create my Green, Pink and Black look with alternative capsule options to flatter your colours.

You can create 3 easy outfits for only £218.96 and have a selection of staple investments for Summer that will mix and match across your entire wardrobe.


This Emerald green cascade capsule works perfectly for all Winter Seasons. If your dominant colours are Light, Clear or Deep then you will shine bright in these colours.

V-neck Jersey tops, £6.99 H&M  /   Short cascade wrap in Emerald, £39 Kettlewell Colours  /  Black Crepe Wide leg trousers, £99 Winser London  /  Black hobo bag, £24.99 (alternative linked- sold out)  /  Cream leopard print sliders, £25.99 New Look 


Deep Lagoon is a the most versatile soft green/blue that is very on trend right now, especially paired with pink. If you’re dominant colours are Soft then this cardigan will look great on you, particularly with the white and pink vest underneath. This colour works great for Autumns, Winters and Summers.

V-neck Jersey tops, £6.99 H&M  /   Short cascade wrap in Deep Lagoon, £39 Kettlewell Colours  /  Black Crepe Wide leg trousers, £99 Winser London  /  Black hobo bag, £24.99 (alternative linked- sold out)  /  Cream leopard print sliders, £25.99 New Look 


This taupe shade cardigan with the pop of emerald from the handbag is a great way of adding this beautiful pop of colour to your wardrobe without it being near your face. The soft taupe cardigan looks great on summers and Autumns. Autumns could also pair this cardigan with warmer colours such as corals, peaches and mustard yellows. This is also a great option with the navy trousers. Light and soft colours will look particularly good in the cardigan with the pink vest.

V-neck Jersey tops, £6.99 H&M  /   Short cascade wrap in Flint, £39 Kettlewell Colours  /  Black Crepe Wide leg trousers, £99 Winser London  /   Emerald bucket bag, £30 Accessorize  /  Cream leopard print sliders, £25.99 New Look 


The soft teal cardigan is a particularly good option for Spring colour seasons, ladies with light, bright and warm colours. Although this will work for Summers and Autumns too.

V-neck Jersey tops, £6.99 H&M  /   Short cascade wrap in Soft Teal, £39 Kettlewell Colours  /  Black Crepe Wide leg trousers, £99 Winser London  /  Pink buckle hobo bag, £34 Topshop  /  Cream leopard print sliders, £25.99 New Look 

I’d love to know your favourite capsule or hear about which colour capsule you created yourself?

Happy shopping and thanks for reading lovelies xxx

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