This lip kit from Charlotte Tilbury is by far the MOST used in my MUA Kit, especially the lip cheat liner. It is a universally flattering Pinky Nude that makes your teeth look white. Although it is a Matte formula, it is hydrating with a creamy luminosity to it. I’m not a huge fan of many Matte textures, they can be difficult to apply and very cakey/drying but this bad boy passes the test with flying colours.

I have a Pillow Talk Lip kit for me personally and for my MUA kit. I wear it almost every day with a coat of lip balm for a daytime look and I wear the liner underneath most colours as it matches my natural lip colour.

On most of my blog pictures you’ll see me wearing a subtle red glossy lip, the Pillow Talk liner is always my lip base. Because it is pretty much the colour of your lip it looks less harsh or severe than a red liner if you want to wear red during the day. I coat MAC Russian Red Lipglass over the top and pat with a tissue.


Generally clients will always ask for a “Smokey eye and Nude lip” makeup look. Smokey eyes are harder to achieve yourself and most of us are scared of bright lip colours, it’s just a confidence thing. Therefore I use Nude lip shades a LOT.

Personally, I find nude lipsticks that are too nude can wash out some skin tones and can make your lips blend into the rest of your face. Lips with a little more colour will stand out more with the rest of your facial features on photographs, especially when you’re smiling. However, not everyone has the confidence to wear a bold lip.


I find a blend of the 2 gives the best look, something that is technically nude but with a little more colour to make lips look pouty perfect in pictures like these beauties all wearing Pillow Talk below at the weekend. I love that it doesn’t make clients feel self conscious and is a colour easy enough for them to top up themselves.


It will literally go with ANY smokey eye or any Makeup look for that matter. This Nudey pink will adapt to your lips natural hue and make you feel all super modelesque.


“Wow, it matches my lip colour and makes my teeth look whiter”.

Halleflippinlujah for PILLOW TALK!

Not only does this lip kit look the da bomb but EVERY single client runs to our local Fenwicks to buy it or on-line. If I plan a makeup look with a client prior to their booking they always go and buy it before hand for the event and LOVE it.

I don’t think I have ever had a client not go and buy this Lip Kit after a Makeover. It is the most popular Lip kit with my Brides too.

And NO I am not being paid to say this (Obvz I should be Charlotte, just saying!)

I just genuinely wanted to share this with you all after many Makeup blog requests.


Here is the exact routine and products I use to apply the perfect Pillow Talk pout on clients and myself….

  1. First apply Pillow Talk Lip Cheat £16 ….. Make sure lips are moisturised with balm but not greasy, wipe away any excess product. Keeping the lips closed and relaxed, follow the natural line of your lips with the liner then fill in the entire lip. Open mouth to get into your lip corners and smile to stretch your lips and fill in any creases.
  2.  Next apply Pillow Talk Lipstick £24 ….. All over the centre of the top and bottom lip while your mouth is relaxed but slightly open. Next, close your mouth and apply extra product on a lip brush all over the lip to the outside of your lip liner but don’t go over the lip line. Lastly, smile and open your mouth to fill in any creases and corners missed with the brush.

3. Lastly, apply Seduction Lip Lustre £17.50……. By softly patting it along the centre of your top and bottom lip using your gloss stick or a lip brush with mouth slightly open. Avoid using too much gloss product. Then softly press your lips together once and voilla. The gloss in the centre of your lips will give a 3d illusion of a fuller pout.

If you prefer a Matte lip look then just leave the gloss out and stick with the liner/lipstick. The gloss is a nice touch if you have dry lips as Matte lipsticks will highlight dryness. Some prefer to just use the Lip Liner and Gloss too. It’s personal preference, I’d buy all 3 then you have options for different looks and finishes for day/night.


The Pillow Talk Lip Kit £38 + Seduction Lip Lustre £17.50 = £55.50

It may sound pricey on the surface but this will hands down be the best lip investment you’ve made and will wear it sooooo much, day and night.

You can buy the Pillow Talk Lip Kit which includes the Lip Cheat liner and Matte Lipstick. However, you would need to buy the gloss separately for £17.50, you’re entire lip kit would cost £55.50.

You don’t have to buy the gloss if you are happy with just a lipstick look.

If you can only afford to invest in one of these products right now then I would hands down recommend the Pillow Talk Lip Liner £16.

I highly recommend you invest in the liner with the lipstick if you are thinking about buying the lipstick alone.

You can buy all of these products individually but if you plan to buy all 3 then the lip kit purchase will save you money.

Thanks so much for reading lovelies, I hope you’ve found this Blog useful?

Let me know if you do invest in Pillow Talk and how you find it? I’d love to see your Makeup looks.

*Share this link with your friends if you do shop at Charlotte Tilbury and save £15 with FREE delivery:

Helenlee xXx

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