How to wear the check blazer trend

This Autumn we see the oversized, double breasted check blazer by Stella McCartney (above) is a HUGE Fashion hit and trend.

Every high street store has copied this item and every blogger out there is wearing it with jeans, a slogan Tee and bright boots.

But not all of us can afford to spend over £1000 on the Blazer of the moment….



And you know me, if it doesn’t suit my colour or shape I won’t always wear a trend.

Now I LOVE check print and I LOVE Blazers, they are my go to cover up and one of my most worn wardrobe items. BUT I don’t suit double breasted or oversized one little bit.

This style of blazer completely hides my waist and makes me look/feel a size bigger than I actually am. That’s why I only wear fitted or shaped blazers.

That’s why we are going to look at how we can ALL enjoy this trend whatever our colour palette, Body shape and budget.

So, If you love this trend too and want to wear it the right way for you, here is what I suggest…..

  1. Invest in a colour that compliments your wardrobe/colour palette
  2. Buy a blazer that flatters your body shape



Let’s look at your colours first…

The most popular checked Jackets on the high street right now are either grey or a camel effect check print.

If you mainly wear warmer colours and are an Autumn or Spring colour season then I suggest a Camel check version. If your accessories and shoes are generally tan/brown then this is good option. It will look great with a burgundy or burnt orange roll neck knit underneath for Autumn.

zara check blazer camel
Zara, £95.99


If you mainly wear cooler colours such as black/white and are a Winter or Summer colour season then I suggest going for the Grey check print. This will contrast will your wardrobe neutrals well and if you mainly wear black leather boots accessories it will contrast well. I suggest wearing with a white T, black or denim turn up jeans and pop of colour from a Red suede bag or boots.

topshop check blazer
Topshop, £65



Now let’s see which Blazer style suits your shape best…..


topshop check blazer
Topshop, £65


This shape is great for Rectangle and Inverted triangle shapes. The shape and details of the buttons/pockets will even out the body shape of inverted triangles and is a perfect structure for the straight rectangle shape.

Inverted triangle’s will look great with the sleeves pushed up towards the elbows to draw the eyes towards the waist area.





m&s check blazer grey
M&S, £59


It can also work for pear shapes if the blazer is shorter and stops at or above the hips like this one and not below like the one above.








zara check blazer camel
ZARA, £95.99


Blazers with shape and darts around the waist area look very flattering on any curvy hourglass shapes as well as the Inverted Triangle shape. If you are an Inverted triangle then I suggest blazers with pocket details like this one.

Hourglass body shapes look even better with the sleeves pushed up towards your elbows to emphasise your tiny waist line.


I hope this was helpful? Which style Blazer will you be going for? Please let me know below.

Look out for more blazer styles being uploaded to this post tomorrow.

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