Hey Lovelies

Exciting news! Episode 2 of the new series Chatty Lasses is airing at 6.30pm tonight and I am this episode’s special North East guest, chatting all things Autumn Fashion with the lovely Katie Bulmer Cooke, Lisa Guthrie and Suzanne.


It will be aired on:

Freeview 7

Sky 117

Virgin 159



Don’t miss it or make sure you catch up on-line HERE.

Chatty lasses is The North East’s version of Loose Women with Made in Tyne & Wear channel and is definitely worth a weekly watch.

I must say I had so much fun filming this Episode with the team and was so honoured to be invited, they’re all so lovely and a hoot. I also got to enjoy being in the audience while another 2 episodes were filmed, they were hilarious.

The only thing I’m dreading is hearing my own Geordie voice on TV but excited to see the show.

Myself and the TV Show host Katie Bulmer Cooke met way back in our College days studying Fitness together and some how have ended up here tonight on this show together. How lovely!

I hope you enjoy the show and continue to watch and support #chattylasses.

I’d love to know what you thought of the show.

Speak soon

H xxx

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