A Pop of Purple 

This has to be one of the comfy and warmest outfit I have worn lately without having to hump my big winter coat around bars with me.

Just for the record I don’t ‘Party’ much, it’s merely because of the Christmas season.

Anyway, when you’re starting from an afternoon into the evening and you’re on your feet all day you want to be warm, comfortable and stylish. If you’re going to cover up, you need to do it well.

I opted for my leather coated jeans from Karen Millen as they are jeans that always make an outfit look dressy. The tuxedo jacket of course to stay warm without a big coat and add some tailoring to the outfit.My pop of purple Cami with the frill neck detail to add colour. If you’re too warm in a bar this cami looks great without the Tuxedo jacket too. You will need to wear a strapless bra with the cami..

AND the black suede block heel boots are are a dream. They look great and are the most comfortable boots ever. Not having to think about how much your feet hurt and how cold they are is awesome.

You can mix this outfit up to wear more than once by changing the Cami top and your handbag. I’ve also wore the above with the pink velvet cami and a chain bag.

I’m sorry but the black mini fur clutch I’m holding above is now sold out booo!


SHOP THE LOOK BELOW…… P.S. They’re all on sale!



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