The Dune sale is in full swing and will be down to very little sizes soon.

This is the perfect time to invest in your classic or occasion shoes. You will thank yourself in a few months time when you are stuck for an outfit and one of these beauties goes perfecto.

Now when I am shoe shopping I like to go for shoes that I like BUT that I can actually walk in or I know will go with a lot of other outfits.

I’ve found my perfect shoes for the above are…

  1. Block Heel
  2. Around 3-3.5 inches max
  3. Round toe.

I know it sounds a little boring but if you find some pretty enough they are an absolute dream.

I am slightly obsessed with Dune’s Acapella shoe which are my perfect solution to the above.I have these in 3 colours/prints as I know they will go with everything in my wardrobe.

Simply click the pics below to shop…


1. The Neutral Acapela

I love the black Acapela because black is my neutral, some people prefer browns, taupe’s or greys depending on their wardrobe. But when investing in your comfy classic Acapela neutral, go for your most worn neutral. There are other colours online.

These are perfect for everything from office, lunch to event/cocktails. It all depends what you wear them with. The snake skin and slight patent to the leather give it a very luxe look too which helps when dressing them up.

Believe me with the Acapella shoe you can appreciate them far more when they are in your hands.

These are currently reduced to £45 from £75 too. Click picture above to shop.

leopard-acapella2. The Statement Acapela

Now these are my FAVES! They are absolutely gorgeous and can only truly be appreciated when you open the box at home. Every girl needs a statement shoe and nothing quite makes a classic statement like animal print.

The leopard hair effect and suede heel look so luxurious. They really stand out with any outfit, especially black. These beauties will lift any outfit day or night, office to cocktails.

In the photos above the toe looks slightly narrow, however they are nothing like this when they arrive.

These are also only £45 from £75, Dammit I paid full price. They are worth it though.

Click pic above to shop.


3. The Metallic Acapela

Metallic shoes look amazing for parties or occasions but are generally very high or sandal/stiletto style. So I was over the moon to find that you could get comfy, classic metallic shoes in the Acapela style.

I love these metallic silver Acapela’s because I generally will always wear silver jewellery/accessories as they suit me best and go with majority of my wardrobe.

These are all the way down to £37 too.

If you generally wear gold or bronze style jewellery/accessories then I would opt for shoes in those colours to match.

So there you have it, my 3 comfy classic shoes to fit all outfits.

Comfy block heel (no stumbling), round toe (no crippled toes), beautiful quality at an amazing price.

Did you also know that if you have a curvy figure, round toed shoes are more flattering then points? Yes it’s true. Points create a narrow point at the bottom of your body making everything above look wider. If you do wear points in future avoid anything that floats out to create more volume. Points look best with straight dresses, pencil skirts or skinny jeans.

Obviously the Acapela’s go with EVERYTHING and are uber flattering.

Here are a few pics of my fave acapela outfits….

Thanks for reading and happy shopping.

H xxx

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