The interior stylist’s who made my Pinterest hallway a reality

Below is what our hallway looked like a few months ago. Boring, empty and crying out for some storage/organisation.

The hallway is the first place you see when you enter our home and I get lots of clients coming to the dressing room for styling sessions, it didn’t really give a great first impression. Most importantly it didn’t say anything about us as a couple or felt homely.


We threw our gym bags and trainers on the floor, hung our jackets in our bedroom or over our arm chair. We used this unit for storing letters, towels and whatever else was stuffed in there too.

I was also desperate to hang pictures and a mirror but just didn’t know where to start.

I literally sound like one of my clients before we tackle their style and wardrobe!

This time I was the one in desperate need of the style advice but for our home.

I wanted to just tackle it all one in go with the help of someone who knew exactly what they were doing.

That’s were Lucy and Jess come in…


There is a house in Durham called ‘The Pink House’, every time I drove past this house it made me want to paint a room pink. I also had an idea to reinvent our unit in the hallway and paint it emerald green. This is where the ‘Pink and Green’ theme came together.

Emerald green is a huge part of my brand so I had to get it in there somewhere. Dave was pretty happy for me to roll with it, he’s used to being around green, it’s the colour of my engagement ring aww and he’d rather have a pink hallway than any other room in our flat.

Compromise right?!

Next I turned my eye to Pinterest for pink and green interior inspo.

I had my Pinterest vision board but no idea where to start, I just knew that I wanted colours like the below and it to look amazing with organisation and storage.


Thankfully, I found Shotley chic interiors to help all my Pinterest dreams come true.

Shotley Chic is a team of two lovely ladies Lucy and Jess who have an eye, passion and expertise at transforming a room. They are very well know for reclaiming old lifeless furniture and sourcing your every interior wish on any budget. They can source and design for you online or in person and they have the cutest studio.

I had a full consultation with them that involved looking at our existing hallway, my Pinterest inspo and finding out my frustrations with our hallway.

Next they made us a mood board. It was AMAZING!

Pink and Green was the theme with monochrome and gold accents. We also added a botanical touch to the hallway with a cheese plant and palm inspired pictures.

The mood board took all the stress away, they included the exact paint colours I needed to buy and then literally sourced everything.

Anything I did need to buy, they advised where to buy and when I found anything myself I could just whatsapp them for a yes or no of approval.

From the Mood board they listened to what I liked most and remained flexible on any changes that cropped up.

Plus they are cray cray in a great way so were really fun to be around.


Thanks to Shotley Chic Interiors

Pastel Themed Natural Plants Mood Board

TADAH…. We love it!

It is fun, organised and makes us smile. Friends, family and clients all say WOW too when they first walk in.

First impressions are everything I say!

Let’s take a look around…

The Fairy’s Tuttu paint by Valspar was a great pink colour choice and the pops of statement green from the reclaimed unit looks wow.

We scrapped the idea of reclaiming our draws in the end because they found two great units that gave us more space, organisation and look beaut.

One of them is this old hallway unit they sourced for only £25 and reclaimed with thee most amazing emerald green paint.

This is by far my favourite item and they did such a fab job with the colour and finish.

It is practical as well as pretty, as it’s great for storing shoes in the Ikea baskets underneath and sitting on when taking them on and off.

The second unit they sourced for only £60 is this stunning antique hallway unit.

It is super practical and looks so unique, everyone who walks in compliments this gorgeous piece of furniture. I would never have thought about a unit like this in a million years but we both love it.

I love how everything doesn’t match but kinda does, if that makes sense?

Something Jess and Lucy taught me to transition from my outfits to home.

The accessories they sourced are gorgeous, especially this green vase and flower combo. They tailor made this bunch of flowers from all different stores to make it look exactly how they wanted on our unit. A very pretty statement piece.

They sourced some lovely artwork from TK Maxx that blended great with our walls and reminds us of our villa wedding coming up in 2020.

The mirror and chevron rug contrast great together and blend well with our black wicker baskets.

Jess and Lucy taught me that plants add texture to a space and I certainly agree, I’ll have one in every room please.

They gave me great advice for starting a collage wall, how to hang them and ideas for Artwork which I sourced from my fave site Desenio.

The reclaimed wooden green frames are very old from my late Grandparents house, they were painted with spare paint from our unit by Jess. LOVE!

We want to add pictures of our favourite travels together to the collage wall next.

These hanging frames sourced by Lucy and Jess add a lovely touch of gold to the walls and are the first thing you see above our green unit when you enter the hallway.

Again, I learnt that they don’t have to match or contain pictures. You can add plants, flowers or quotes. Great tip.

Our engagement picture had to have its own special place of course.

And that’s it lovelies, isn’t it pretty?

I have included all of our accessories from the hallway below for you to shop lovelies.

And lots of our Art work and frames are available from Desenio.

Chevron flatweave rug, £19.99 Very / Black Knarra basket, £12 IKEA / HEMNES Black-brown mirror, £80 IKEA / Cheese plant in pot, £25 Matalan / Gold metal planter, £6-12 Matalan / Large gold metal hanging frame, £7 Matalan / Small black hanging metal frame, £4 Matalan / Medium gold metal hanging frame, £5 Matalan

Thanks for reading and thanks so much to Shotley Chic Interiors for doing such a great job.

I hope you’ve picked up some home style inspo or tips from my experience with them.

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