Why the Fashion Industry needs to be more Aveda

On Friday I went ‘Clothes’ shopping for myself and ended up spending more on beauty products due to the amazing, customised experience I received from Aveda.

After an entire day of frustration and disappointment at most of the shops I visited for clothes that either looked like a jumble sale, felt cheap, didn’t have my size, the right colour but wrong shape or vice versa….

I accidentally stumbled into Aveda at Fenwicks and after 15 minutes of the easiest most pleasant experience, handed over my card without any question.

Because the entire shopping experience easy. My time there was so personal and such a special experience that I had no reason not to buy.

This got me thinking a lot about why the Fashion industry isn’t taking the same approach. It is failing us and retail is suffering.

In the mean while Makeup and beauty is on the up and more counters are opening than ever before while high street fashion stores are closing.

I know the ‘Internet’ has a lot do with this and on-line shopping. However, there is a big point they are all missing.


This is my scalp eeeuw!
I was so impressed with the personal scalp profile that told me everything in depth about my hair and what products matched my issues, I just had to buy some of their products. Along with a complimentary massage and blow dry to use after buying the products too.
I had no idea that I had a combination scalp, why my hair was greasy after a day, why it was static a lot and the list goes on…..?
They highlighted all of my problems, explained the why and presented me with the solutions as easy as that.
All the products they recommended for me were there to buy, weren’t sold out and I didn’t have to go and get anything at home on-line like clothes shopping, which by the time you get home you talk yourself out of anyway.
And here is the best part, they also have lip colours to match your hair colours, YAY! I love my new Cherry Blossom lip gloss balm. See the chart in my pics on this post.
Stay with me, I promise I’m getting to my point and not just trying to sell you Aveda!
My point is…
If the Fashion industry took the same approach as the beauty industry did and gave you more customisation or an experience, it would make our shopping experience a lot easier.
Would you go buy a new foundation without a trained makeup artist behind the counter colour matching you? No!
However, we buy all clothes without any trained stylists or style structure put in place to advise what would suit your shape and colour best.
You just try it on, get the sales assistants opinion and buy it or not.

And this is exactly why I do, what I do lovelies.
I believe this is what the Fashion industry is missing. People no longer want fast fashion and trends, they are fading! People want personalisation and an experience.
The Aveda profile for hair really made me think about why retail isn’t doing the same for style.
It reminded me of the service I give my clients during a Style Code session and when personal shopping. A personal style profile to take shopping with you so you know exactly what you’re looking for and what suits you best.
I am not being paid by Aveda to blog about this I genuinely went there on the off chance Friday and I just really wanted to share it with you all.
Although I totally should be…LOL!
If you do agree with me or feel the same then until the industry does change, my personal style profiling could really make your clothes shopping easier.
If you are sick of shopping too and would like the Aveda approach to your Wardrobe then drop me a comment below or contact me at helenleeloves@hotmail.com.
Thanks for reading lovelies


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