What will Meghan wear for today’s Royal Wedding?

meghan and harry.JPG

It is the big day and everyone is waiting patiently for the celebrations to start for such a lovely occasion in Britain. Prince Harry will Wed his beautiful American Princess Meghan Markle.

Although we are excited for this joyous occasion, there is a million pound question that we are ALL asking ourselves.

What will the dress look like? Ahhhhhhh it’s too exciting!

So just for fun I’m going Imagine I was styling Meghan and show you what I predict she will wear or what I would put her in.


Let ‘s look at the shape first….


She has a rectangle body shape, her beautiful slim figure is straight and boxy with a fabulous set of legs and flat tummy. Rectangle’s as Meghan does, usually have a small bust and little curve or definition to the waist.

meghan wedding dress.JPG

This is a dress style I would NOT put Meghan in. You can see how the waist and strap details make her look wider and boxy and cross her middle.

meghan purple dress

This is a better example of making the absolute best of a Rectangle body shape. Simple, structures with peplum and layers to add shape to the waist and volume to the chest.

She looks a perfect hourglass in this dress and I love that it is one of her Deep Winter colours too.

Anyway back to white wedding dresses we go…….

Rectangle shapes looks best in dresses that are either:

  • Empire
  • A-line
  • Sheath

rectangle wedding gowns


Meghan rightly so always wears simple dresses with some form of structure or definition to the waist, off the shoulder or fold over neckline with a pencil or A-line style to help create an hourglass shape. Just like the dress she stepped out in last night with her Mum by Roland mouret…

meghan rouland mouret


She loves an off the shoulder, cap sleeve, fold over or sweetheart/corset style chest with lace up to the neck.

I think an off the shoulder detail would be my first choice for Meghan then possible a sleeve of some form or collar and embellishment could work well.

I love these 2 Predictions above by Suzanne Neville.

Now let’s chat Dress Style…..

This has to be not only true to Meghan but true to fit the occasion, the venue and the fact that it will be shown in history books for many many years to come. Therefore it needs to be classic and timeless but with a modern and sassy twist just like Meghan herself.

She also needs to stay away from anything too similar to her beautiful sis in law to be Kate. Their pictures will be no doubt compared endlessly so she needs to separate their styles and hold her own royal style.

Meghan also marks a feel of change and openness to the monarchy, never has their been an America Hollywood actress wed into the immediate Royal family, therefore a style reflecting her new Royal Life and inner Hollywood actress needs to shine through.

Something that combines Classic British elegance and American Red carpet glamour.

I love this prediction by Hayley Paige, this is my favourite so far……

I think something simple, off the shoulder with waist definition, ruffles or gathers or material draping and some form of embellishment detail.

The colour of the dress will be “WHITE” I think Ivory could be a too warm white for Meghan being a Deep Winter. A cool bright white would look incredible on her with some form of silk/sheen finish, lace detail or embellishment.

meghan white.JPG

Who will be the designer?

Rumour has it that either Stella McCartney, Roland Mouret, Burberry or Erdem are designers. Ralph and Russo have been mentioned a LOT too. I think the designer will be 100% British, Meghan does wear a lot of Roland Mouret dresses like the one she stepped out in last night by the French designer.

Stella McCartney would be a solid choice but I do LOVE Ralph and Russo for that absolute WOW factor. No one makes a princess dress on the runway quite like Ralph and Russo.

My bets are on a possible £100,000 plus Ralph and Russo gown.

ralph and Russo gown.JPG

Roland Mouret is one of my fave French dress designers for simple, tailored and block colour dresses that will last a lifetime.


I would personally of used the legendary British Makeup artist icon Charlotte Tilbury to do my Makeup today if i was Meghan (or me cough).

Charlotte’s Makeup products and style’s are so elegant, luxurious yet glamorous with a red carpet Hollywood glow.

This is how I predict her Makeup will be…..

charlotte tilbury makeup look.JPG

I think Meghan’s hair is one of her most striking features and she does wear it down a LOT. However, Kate wore her hair down for the big day therefore she may opt for a half up and down style or a high up do.

meghan hair up

There is word that Meghan is going to be wearing Diana’s wedding Tiara (stunning), I think this is a lovely sentimental touch. If Meghan does wear Diana’s Tiara then I imagine her hair would half/down to be down in order for the look to work best.

However, I would like to see it up!

I wonder if she will be different and just wear nothing but the Tiara without a Veil?

Now all we have to do is sit back with a prosecco in hand and wait for the moment to arrive.

I’m watching it in my Pj’s with Dave’s Mum Pammmy Mammy.

Have a great day celebrating.

I’d loev to hear your thoughts on Meghans dress predictions?

Thanks for reading

Helenlee xXx

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