MY FOREVER FIVE with Karen Millen

A Forever piece should be classic…..

And Karen Millen knows classic, especially when it comes to investment workwear to nightwear pieces.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of trying out their new #BeMoreKaren collection. I was on a mission to find my new wardrobe essentials and share them with you.

I felt a little bloated and ugh on my way to Karen Millen yesterday, it was snowing bad and I’d just scoffed a shepherds pie for lunch mmmm so cosy. I rocked up in my jeans and new balance trainers cold and lethargic.

Off I went into the changing rooms with my chosen items and WOWZA!

I literally felt transformed, I looked and felt like I’d dropped a dress size and was ready for some serious Business…..

I’d read all of the marketing material for this collection that talks about empowering you and feeling all #ladyboss, I didn’t disagree after seeing the items in pictures but I REALLY believed and understood once I tried these items on.

I felt all….. Who’s the BOSS? I’m the Boss uh huh!

It’s amazing how an outfit can make you feel and this collection really does make you feel empowered. Jen one of the lovely KM girls I used to work with came into the changing rooms with me and said… “Wow, you look like a Bond girl”. I really felt like it too, meow miss money penny.

This is the dress that really does everything for your curves. If I was to choose a neckline, sleeve, cut, shape, length and style…. It would be this dress.

The high waisted trousers and belted pencil skirt just fit to perfection.

And amazingly enough they are all really giving and comfortable. Good Tailoring with a little stretch is the perfect combination.

You won’t truly understand until you try these items yourself.

Please be aware, if you can’t afford any of these items right now I advise you not to try them on. You won’t leave the store without them or send them back once you do. Believe me.


SHOP MY FOREVER FIVE HERE:Yellow Tote Bag, £180 / Corset tailored trousers, £125 / Leather belt pencil skirt, £150 Karen Millen / Corset Shirt, £140 / Double Breasted Check coat, £350  / ALL KAREN MILLEN

Other than the dress (OBVZ) that is now sold out on-line SORRY, there are a few in stores however so be fast. These 5 FOREVER pieces are my favourite of the collection and will by far give you the biggest bang for your buck.

It is not a coincidence that all the items I LOVED are also from “The Essentials”Edit.

I’m not someone who can afford to wear everything head to toe KM but I do 100% see the value in their investment pieces.

A few times per year I will invest in one or two essential items that completely reinvent my wardrobe and can be used in so many ways with cheaper high street buys from H&M etc.

My tuxedo Blazer and Leather pencil skirt for instance from last year have been worn to death on my blog and are still going strong.

All 5 items from the collection I’ve chose are Investment pieces that will have complete versatility across your wardrobe.

The Skirt, Trousers and corset shirt are amazing for workwear to nightwear.

The coat and bag are easy for workwear and Day wear too.

The tailored pieces will last a lifetime and never go out of Fashion, especially the belted pencil skirt and trousers. They are called My Forever Five for a reason.

There maybe just ONE of the items that your wardrobe needs updating with right now but individually you will use these items daily or weekly for months or years to come.

One of these could be that item that your wardrobe is missing to be able to wear so many other outfits with.

I always say invest well in your classics and mix it up with your high street buys.

I’d love to know which one of the 5 would be the forever piece your wardrobe is missing?

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