What’s your Citrus bright for SS18?

Yellow is a HUGE colour trend this SS18 and is hitting the shops from Catwalk inspo EVERYWHERE in so many ah-mazing shades. From Bright Citrus, Soft Daffodil to Deep and dusty mustard.

With so many shades to choose from, how do you know which is the right one for you? Yeah you could just pick a colour that attracts you most but wouldn’t you rather choose one that compliments you?

Especially YELLOW of all colours, if you’re wearing it near your face and it’s not a good shade for you then you’ll look like you’re having a bout of Jauntiness.


The first yellow trend we are looking at today is CITRUS BRIGHTS. There are shades of acid yellow, citrus lemon and neon Limes. Some are lighter while others are more saturated and punchy. They all have one thing in common however, they are COOLER undertone yellow/Lemons.

Which may be the perfect yellow for you lovelies who feel like you can never wear yellow.

READ ON to see Citrus Brights I am LOVING, WHO suits them best and HOW to wear it.



SHOP ALL CITRUS BRIGHTS HERE: Plaid detail Jumper, £36 Topshop  / Citrus yellow high neck top, ZARA £12.99  / Hibiscus ankle boots, £85 TopshopHibiscus ankle boots, £85 TopshopHibiscus ankle boots, £85 Topshop / Hand knitted Beanie, £2 Topshop   / Fluted sleeve top, £10 Warehouse / Neon infinity scarf, £19 Kettlewell ColoursNeon & Black cross body bag, £27.50 / Bright yellow tassel bead earrings, £12 River Island  / Citrus/Ivory striped Breton Top, £25 BodenAcid yellow wrap top, Kettlewell Colours / Citrus cashmere cardigan, £110 Boden



Obviously anyone who likes this Colour can wear it, there are no rules. BUT there are particular colours who will suit this range of yellows more than others, such as WINTERS!

If you have CLEAR or DEEP Colour with Cool undertones then Citrus/Acid bright yellows are great for you.


Mint Green                      Acid Yellow                         Kiwi                            Neon Yellow

For you lovely light or Warm ladies, you will notice the Spring and Autumn Citrus brights above are more lime than yellow. A light Spring could wear the acid yellow too but the mint is very complimenting.

If you’re someone who always says “I can’t wear Yellow” or feel like you always need a tan to get away with it then you’re probably not wearing the right yellow.

OR have cool colouring and just need a Cooler, brighter Citrus yellow.

OR have Warm colouring and need a Lime.

The more saturated Citrus brights look great on Deep Winters while the acid Lemon looks great on Clear Winters.

Deep Neon Yellow

If you have really SOFT colouring like Jen and Gigi below then acid brights near your face will do nothing for you, especially soft blondes. I would opt for adding this colour as an accessory/footwear or opt for these alternative shades below….


Soft primrose lemon                        Soft fern green


Ladies with Grey/Silver hair who are complete COOL colour palette’s are the only ladies who shouldn’t wear any shade of yellow at all, however a light or bright Citrus would be better than any other yellow.

Here is a blast from the past of me sporting a Citrus Bright in my mid-twenties… Oh dear, not my finest style moment but it’s the only pic I could find in this fab colour as a CLEAR Winter until my new items arrive.




As I have mentioned above, where and how you wear your Citrus bright depends on whether you suit the colour near your face or if you are merely adding it as a pop of colour to an existing outfit with an accessory.

I recommend just sticking to no more than 1-2 pieces of this colour in your outfit. It is very bright and can either look super chic and cool or over done.

Because it is a bright and punchy cooler colour I would avoid wearing it with any warm shades such as orange/red etc.

A citrus lemon could look great with a Khaki jacket if you are an Autumn and want to wear this colour but other than that I would stick to cooler Bold Blue’s, Teals, Black, black/white, Greys, Dark/Bold emerald or pine green and violet lilac.

Great textures are indigo blue or black denim, black or Navy pvc/leather with a citrus bright knit or accessory. Bright Blue Gingham and Dark green/Grey checks look great too.

Thanks for reading, look out for Daffodil yellow coming your way next.

If you’re unsure of your Colours click here.

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