5 years ago I bought me and my Best Friends Lisa a colour and shape analysis with a Colour Me Beautiful consultant for her Birthday.

Excuse the squinting, her conservatory was bright!!

The actual picture the colour consultant shared from that day of me and Lisa.
colour book.PNG

Being Fashion obsessed we were intrigued by the whole style process and dressing for yourself, not just trends.

And I LOVED it. It took time to grasp but it changed the way I shopped and dressed from that day on.

Weirdly, that day I was wearing an emerald green top.

Needless to say the rest was History, it was this day that sparked my interest massively into Styling and brought me here today.


One thing I must say, is once you know your “Style Code” it is very hard to go back.

Shopping is technically easier because you know what you are looking for but can also be very difficult because it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for.


Have you ever been shopping and said to yourself, I would buy that top if it was “this” colour? OR  I love the colour of this top but I’d prefer it with “this neckline” or “this sleeve” style?


Main stream stores don’t always sell the exact colours that you love from your palette. It sounds so simple shopping for just a white vest or neutral cardigan but a lot of the time it’s not.

I find majority of high street stores sell cream or bright white. Soft white and Ivory are the most complimenting whites for many colour palettes but are very difficult to come across.

Navy tones can be soft, bold or deep and sometimes you want a pop of your favourite colour. Not everyone suits black, therefore Charcoal or navy options are better.


With all of this in mind….

I remember trolling online looking for places to shop by my colour to make life easier when looking for my staple colours and best neutrals.

This is when I came across Kettlewell Colours, thank god!

navy top page


Kettlewell is THEE online store where you can shop by your colour palette, find out which colour palette you are and shop it in varied styles.


kettlewell outerwear


Imagine all of your every day staples, wardrobe hero’s and essentials in one place and almost every colour to suit. It’s genius!

There is also every sleeve, shape, length and neckline you could think of in tops, cardigans, blazers, skirts, dresses, shirts and so on.

You will pay a higher price than your high street stores such as H&M/ZARA BUT the quality is amazing, made ethically in Europe and is a total investment if it’s your perfect style and colour.


It will never go out of Fashion on you.

£25 for a high quality vest in your perfect style and colour that will wash again and again in my opinion isn’t expensive.


Being a huge fan, I am so happy to be working with Kettlewell to share my hidden shopping secret and introduce to a new way of shopping/dressing.

I always wear my best colours being a Clear (Winter/Spring).

Kettlewell very kindly allowed me to choose anything I wanted and here is what I chose to share with you all…….

All of the items below come in various colours to suit all colour palette’s, ranging from 5-30 colours.

Look out for all of my outfit and blog series to come including these colourful items.



Long vest top in Navy, £25  / Short cascade wrap in Emerald, £39  /  Love colour Tee in Sapphire, £29  /  Stripe maxi dress in Red, NOW £34.50 (50% OFF)  /  Stripe boat neck in Indigo stripe, £39  / Camisole in Emerald, £22 (30% off)

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