Jo’s Capsule Wardrobe



Your colour Palette is SOFT. Opt for colours that are soft and muted in appearance rather than bright and bold. You can wear cool or warm colours that are soft, however you will notice certain suit you more.

soft colours.PNG


Your body shape is INVERTED TRIANGLE….


  • Straight and square shoulder line.
  • Little definition between waist/hips.
  • Flat hips/bottom.
  • Your bottom half seems smaller than your top half.



  • You will need to ensure there is minimum detail on your shoulder line, keep this area as simple as possible.
  • Your clothing line needs to be straight, clean and sharp.
  • Your silhouette should be uncluttered.



  • Jackets- Constructed or shaped with angular lines and collars/reverse collars.
  • Tops- Simple lines.
  • Skirts- Straight, panelled, A-line or straight style.
  • Trousers- Any style but pockets and details will accentuate bottom/hips.
  • Dresses- Simple, straight lines, shifts or seperates.
  • Coats- Straight lines, shaped waistlines and only some belts will look right.
  • Swimwear – Halter and square necklines work well, as do details on the hips and bottoms. Avoid floral patterns. Go for styles where tops and bottoms are sold separately.



Crisp, constructed fabrics work best for you because your body line is straight and angled.

  • Crisp cottons and linens.
  • Fine wool and thin stretch knits.
  • Satins and crisp silks.
  • Ribbed fabrics.



You can wear patterns above or below your waist line but they must be geometric to balance the clothing line. Your best PATTERNS are:

  • Stripes
  • Squiggles
  • Checks
  • Geometrics
  • Spots



  • Frills & flounces
  • Gathered waistlines
  • Tiered skirts
  • Soft, floppy and fluffy fabrics
  • Bias cuts
  • Full circular gathered skirts
  • Lightweight sheer fabrics








  • Keep coats constructed and straight with angular lines
  • Belted is good too.
  • Biker jackets that finish above your hips.
  • Pocket details towards hips rather than on chest.
  • Open and reversed collars.
  • Fitted cardigans or belted as shown.





  • V necks, wrap and scoop necks.
  • Thin stretch knits, cottons or any fluid materials are good.
  • Sleeveless, full length or 3/4 sleeve is best.
  • Avoid boat neck.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes on top.



  • Simple lines
  • V necks, fitted or straight





  • Low waist jeans, jeans with pocket details on bum and or hips and bootcut or straight.
  • Loose fitting pants, cropped pants, culottes, wide legs and patterned bottoms are great.



  • A Line or straight pencil skirts are great for you.
  • Avoid skirts that cling and narrow into your body such as fitted pencil skirts.
  • Skirts and bottoms are shown in complimenting colours to your wardrobe but you can also use your bottom half to wear colours that don’t suit near your face such as black or really bright/bold colours.





  • Straight, fitted or belted shift dresses.
  • Wrap dresses.
  • Shirt dresses.
  • Avoid too many frills or flounces, keep it simple and straight.



dune brown sandals flat.PNG

  • Studded details are great for you especially on ankle boots
  • You can wear straps/colour and print to draw attention to lower body
  • Bright red or patterned pumps will add a pop of pattern or colour to your soft palette
  • Converse in one of the colours suggested will compliment your casual wardrobe and style
  • Opt for complimenting colours or browns/tans/taupes/gold details instead of blacks and silvers.




  • Avoid handbags too small
  • Handbags with a long strap are great for you
  • Slouchy style bags, Tassle details or satchels are great for you


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