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Ruffle’s and Frills have been HUGE in 2017 so far and they don’t look to be going anytime soon.

They look so good if you get them right OR really bad.

The issue with ruffles and frills can be where you wear them on your body. They can make your proportions looks unnecessarily bigger OR if we get it right, stylish and smaller.

Like I always say, If you find a ruffle item that fit’s your Style code, especially your Shape, then it becomes a classic for you and it will always suit.

Lucky for you, I’m going to help you figure the best way you can wear ruffles AND where to shop them.

Let’s get started………

SO, as I said it’s all about where we wear the ruffle or frills. Avoiding the frills on top or over your widest points are a good start and using them to conceal area or add volume to area’s where it’s needed.

Let’s start with my Ruffle shirt first….


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The majority of the volume in this shirt is up top creating structure at the shoulders. The shirt is fitted and has a curved out affect to the sides to bottom to shape your curves.
Who should wear this?

As an hourglass I can only wear this shirt because it is fitted, has no volume across my bust and my hips will be even enough to match the ruffles at the shoulder.

A shirt like this is good for an hourglass (unless you have really big boobs), PERFECT for a Pear Shape too as it draws the eye up to the upper body and creates volume and structure at the shoulders to even out with your larger bottom half.

This shirt is great for anyone basically looking to add volume and structure to the shoulder area and shape to the body.

Rectangle shapes could also wear this BUT would have to even out the bottom half with a skater skirt.

Polka dot frill blouse, Karen Millen £125  /  The Super Frill Shirt, Karen Millen £115

Who should avoid this?

Inverted triangle shapes should 100% avoid  ruffles across the shoulders like this as the shoulders are the widest point.

This top would be ok for Apple shapes if it wasn’t so shaped and fitted in the body of the shirt, it will cling to your mid section and ride up.

ALSO…. If you feel yo have a short neck you may struggle with ruffles in this area.

Shop more shoulder ruffle styles…..

Ruffle sleeve Tee in Green, £55 Karen Millen (20% off) /  Boho embroidered top, £125 Karen Millen  /  Frill sleeveless linen top in Raspberry, £55 Whistles  


KM peplum pleat shirt
£99, Karen Millen

Ruffles and peplums at the waist like this shirt are great for adding volume and creating shape from the waist. Giving the appearance of a more hourglass shape.
This will either add volume to your bottom half to even out shoulders, emphasis your tiny waist or give an illusion of a waist.

Who should wear this?

This Shape is great for 3 Shapes, Neat Hourglass, Inverted Triangle and Pear Shape.

For an hourglass shape this highlights and emphasises your smallest point (waist), will fall over your hips lovely and your shoulders will be in proportion to carry this off.

This will do the same for pear shapes depending on how long/short your upper body is as to where the peplum will lye.

This is a great shirt for Inverted Triangles, the Pleated peplum/Ruffles will even out widest point of shoulders and give you an illusion if a waist and hourglass shape.

Wear with skinny jeans or straight trousers.

Who should avoid this?

Rectangle shapes could only wear Peplum or Ruffles at the waist if there is structure to the shoulder such as a sleeve or cap sleeve. Like this one below…..

km ebroidered pelum nude top
£125 Karen Millen

Apple shapes and Full hourglass shapes should avoid ruffle peplum’s.

Shop more styles like this…..

Orange ruffle peplum wrap top, Now only £26.25 Jane Norman  /  Sunflower Top, £246 Paper London


km ruffle sleev white shirt
£99, Karen Millen

Ruffles in the arm area at the sleeves/elbow area can create a great eye catching detail to a plain white shirt or any outfit.

However this style can easily make your mid section look very wide if not worn by the right shapes in the right way.

Who should wear this?

Full Hourglass and Pear shapes can wear this best OR really tall shapes.

Full hourglass has the waist definition and curves on the bottom to pull this off. It will look amazing tucked into a pencil skirt.

Pear Shapes have the curve on the bottom to pull this off too AND the volume/detail will draw the eye to the upper body. The shirt is slightly fitted therefore will add lovely shape.

White ruffle flute sleeve top, £60 Karen Millen (20% OFF)  /  Fluted ruffle blouse, £99 Karen Millen (20% OFF)

Who should avoid this?

Neat Hourglass, Inverted triangle, rectangle and Apple. Below are some great alternatives for you……

Both blouses below are perfect for an Apple shape, especially the black as it is wider in the mid section, has detail up top to draw up the eye and has details on the arm which lye just under the bust (empire line, which is great for apple shapes).

The second Ivory blouse is perfect for a Neat Hourglass shape or Inverted Triangle. Full hourglass could wear the Ivory if it was tucked in to a skirt or trousers/jeans.

Lace Yoke Top Black, £125 Karen Millen  /  Lace detail blouse Ivory, £110 Karen Millen


km ruffle bust top
£70, Karen Millen

Ruffles on the front of your upper body and chest are a very pretty feature to a top and adds volume to this area of the body, drawing the eye eye to this area can be very complimenting to certain body shapes.

Who should wear this?

This is a great style for many shapes with a small bust or shapes who want to draw to the eye up to this area of conceal the tummy.

This style will work great for Apple, Pear and any Neat Hourglass shapes with a smaller bust.

Shop more styles like this……

km ruffle front blue top

Ruffle front jersey top in Blue, £60 Karen Millen


km ruffle of the shoulder
£125, Karen Millen
warehouse one shoulder ruffle top
£20, Warehouse

There are SO many style’s like this on trend right now and in so many different prints. The blue stripe being the most popular.

This can be a tricky one for many shapes but get it right for your shape and you can nail this style.

Who should wear this?

The shoulder ruffle style looks great on Rectangle shapes if it is fitted at the waist or with a peplum.

This is also a great style for Pear shapes, adding volume and drawing the eye to the upper body, again peplum’s or tucked in would look best for a pear.

Apple shapes could also wear this style without tucking it in and without a peplum, a lose fitting mid section like the one above with faded vertical stripes like this would work great as shown above.

Who should avoid this?

Hourglass shapes with a big bust, Inverted Triangle shapes and anyone with rounded shoulders.

Hourglass shapes with smaller bust could wear this style if tucked in and with a smooth strapless T-shirt bra.

I would advise all shapes wearing a top like this with any sort of plunge or push up bra style.

Shop MORE styles like this…..

KM red ruffle off shoulder top

 £125 Karen Millen

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