As you’ll have seen on my Insta lately or all over any other Fashion blogs and Magazine’s for that matter, Pastel Pink is very in right now. Especially chic pastel pink coats.

They’ve been making come backs on the Cat Walk nearly every year since 2013 actually in either Spring or Fall.

If you follow my style blogs regularly you’ll know that I will only adopt a ‘trend’ if I can turn into my own classic.

Making something your ‘own classic’ means it suits your shape, your colour or both and can work well with your wardrobe.OR it can be adjusted to (I will explain).


If it’s a shade of pink that suits you then it doesn’t really matter if the trend fades because it still works for you and always will.

EVERYONE can wear Pink it just depends what tone and depth of the colour you wear.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you look yellow, washed out or sallow every time you put something on.

Getting a coat in the right colour is pretty important since it’s very close to your face and covers up the majority of your body/outfit.

I’ve dug out my favourite coats right now in 4 shades to suit everyone AND im going to help you figure out which one you are.

Click on the Link below the Coat pictures to shop…….



Boden, £190. Click to shop.

This lovely light, bright Boden coat has a very small herringbone pattern of pink and white which gives it that very clear, bright and light pink effect.

This powder pink coat will look amazing on ladies with ash or cooler blonde hair, cool medium brown and cool dark brown/black hair.You will also have cool blue eyes, cool dark eyes and fair skin or cool dark skin.

Basically ladies with very light or very cool colouring.

The only ladies I would recommend avoiding this coat is with warm colours. Warmth to their hair, skin and eyes. But don’t worry there is one coming up for you next.

If you feel like warm tones such as oranges, yellows and warm reds wash you out and do nothing for you then you are definitely cool, therefore this will look great on you.

Here are some Light, Soft and Deep Cool examples:



Boden, £94.50. Click to shop.

This lovely warm salmon pink coat also has a very small herringbone pattern like the coat above, however the pattern is pink and camel. This gives the coat a lovely warm pink effect. I LOVE this one.

This coat is perfect for any ladies with warmer colouring. Think warm/golden blonde hair, warm auburn and warm brown hair. You could have an olive warm undertone to your skin with-or warm green/brown or blue eyes.

If you do have blue eyes you probably have a warmer tone to your hair and skin like the ladies below.

The only ladies I would advise avoiding this pink coat are cool colour ladies as described above. The coat will stand out more than you and make your skin appear more yellow.

Here are some light and Deep Warm examples below…



Boden, £69.50. Click to shop.

This fab coat has a soft, muted pink effect to the colour, almost dusky. The tone and depth of this pink looks great on women who’s colour mimics exactly that, soft and muted.

You can see from the picture above that her brown hair is very soft/medium depth as well as her skin, she most likely has soft blue eyes too. The whole outfit is kept very soft with a light soft marl grey jumper and dusky grey/pink patterned pants.

Ladies with soft colouring generally have an overall soft look. Hair is naturally mousy brown or blonde with soft muted skin tone and eyes are soft too. The eyes can be warm or cool.

If the whites of you eyes aren’t very bright and white then you may be a soft.

Ladies who dye their hair blonde with dark hair and bright/bold eyes like Eva Longoria and Cheryl Cole for example, move from a Deep/Bold colour palette to a Soft.

I am a perfect example of this, when I dyed my hair blonde many years ago I became a Soft but now I have my natural dark hair again, soft colours no longer suit me.

Soft’s can be cool or warm, Kate Middleton at the top is Cool but a Soft and Cool.

Here are some Soft Warm and Soft Cool Colour examples:



MSGM, £299. Click to shop.

Now in my opinion I’ve certainly saved the best until last here. This MSGM Hot pink coat is more expensive than the Boden’s above but it is one of the best colours for what I was looking to show you in this palette.

When thinking of which colour palette ladies suit a bold pink you just have to think of one word to help figure this out, BOLD.

Ladies who suit this beautiful pop of hot pink will definitely have some bold and bright colour appeal to them.

You will have very bright eyes and the white’s of your eyes will be very clear.

Ladies with dark bold hair against light skin and bright eyes or dark cool skin, dark hair and bright sparkly eyes are known as a Clear. Ladies with Deep and Cool colour characteristics would suit this Pink too.

I am personally a Clear colour palette, naturally dark brown hair against light skin and bright green eyes. Hence why you will see me in monochrome or bright pop’s of colour on my Instagram a lot.

Here are some Clear examples:


Did you figure out which Pink Coat you would suit most? If so please comment below and share with me.

Now don’t worry I’m not saying you can’t wear the Pink’s that aren’t your suited colours. There are no rules, you can wear what ever you like if you love it and it makes you feel good.

I just know you will always look your best in the colours that lift and compliment you most that’s all.

There are ways you can dress up the ‘wrong’ colours to make them work for you BUT that’s a blog for another day.

I hope this has been helpful?

Please leave your comments below and be sure to #helenleeloves in your Pink coat pics if you purchase any of the above.

Thanks for reading.

Helenlee xxx



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